About DataCore

DataCore is a end to end information technology solution provider in the south asian region specializing in diversified cutting edge technologies ranging from automation and system integration focus up to software application deployment on cloud networks.

DataCore Srilanka is the hub of our business functioning as the dedicated development and resource centre while East Africa and the Middle East are our newest entry points where we plan to cover the dynamic business needs of our customers in these regions.

DatacCore’s goal is to deliver turnkey Software and Infra Structure Solutions combined with IT Management solutions that can deliver and unify the management of diverse technologies by combining ease of deployment, low overhead, and comprehensive support for both all technologies with predictable and open pricing. Having realised the potential for quality and reliable IT Services in the these regions, DataCore was formed with a group of global citizens and several other leading Technologists in East Africa, Middle East and Asia.

The object of the formalisation of this partnership was simply to deliver quality, cutting edge IT Services to the Asian, Middle East and African regions at a affordable price with guaranteed 24x7 support.

"Advances in technology need to make business processes simple, flexible and easy to use, while being affordable and cost effective"

With this philosophy in mind we are now ready to fulfill our promise which we know will give you the solutions to stay ahead.

  • Cloud Application Development
  • Software Engineering Services
  • System Integration Services
  • Business Continuity and Security Advisory
  • Technology Consulting
  • Financial Services
  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution and Logistics
  • Aviation
  • eGovernment
  • Education
  • Healthcare